E8 Ghoul Grave

This rough-hewn, earthen tunnel is about 6 feet in diameter. A terrible stench emanates from somewhere deeper. Bits of gnawed remains— including a fingerbone and part of a skull—and scraps of torn, rotted clothes are partly embedded in walls worn by heavy use.

The tunnel opens up into a fetid earthen chamber whose stench is abominable. Corpses of humans, mostly eaten, are strewn about and partly trodden into the floor. One body is relatively intact, and several coffins lie in a jumble nearby.

The Monsters

Ghouls (Greater Ghoul): see Dungeon 156, Pg. 63 Abyssal Ghoul Pack Leader: see Dungeon 156, Pg. 64 Inka, Battle Wight Commander: This hideous creature wears tarnished iron bands at her wrists and ankles, which do nothing to hide her mottled, decaying flesh.

Ghast Tactics

If a PC approaches the coffin containing Inka, the ghast nearby waits until the coffin is opened before attacking. The ghast closest to the entrance (the one behind the earthen wall in the northeast corner of the tactical map) remains concealed until the characters try to leave this area, whereupon it bursts out and attacks a character who occupies the square to the southwest of its hiding place.

E8 Ghoul Grave

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