Bildraths Mercantile

Sparse light gleams from gaps in the boarded-up windows of this building. A sign over the door creaks on its hinges, proclaiming “Bildrath ’s Mercantile.”

In normal times, Bildrath replenishes his stock through trade with the far-roving Vistani. His prices are high, but the townspeople rely on the mercantile for hard-to-come-by items. However, Bildrath closed shop when the zombie invasion began, and he will not open it again to regular business until the infestation is quelled.

Bildrath (N male human warrior 4; Profession [shopkeeper]) is holed up alone in the building with his rather dim nephew, Parriwimple (NG male human warrior 9). Bildrath sends Parriwimple out to help repair the barricade if it is breached, but otherwise commands his nephew to remain in the shop and defend it against shoplifters and zombies alike. He sends anyone seeking sanctuary across the street to the Blood of the Vine tavern (area E5).

Parriwimple serves as Bildrath ’s stock boy, and his uncle occasionally asks him to carry items out from the back room. The width of his shoulders and the muscles rippling beneath his leather jerkin reveal Parriwimple ’s prodigious strength. However,he is extremely simple-minded. On no account does Bildrath allow Parriwimple to accompany the PCs,whether to quell the zombies or to undertake some other task. Parriwimple is dedicated to his uncle and would not follow the PCs even if his uncle gave permission. In his own dim way he knows that to cross the master of the castle is death-or worse.

Bildraths Mercantile

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