Church Understory

Amid the litter of the collapsed floorboards is a dank understory. A partially smashed laboratory work bench stands in the northwest portion of the cellar, including an iron slab surrounded by a clutter of broken equipment of incomprehensible complexity. Something awful groans to the south and shambles forward.

Running the Encounter

The church understory is dimly lit through the hole in the floor above. Treat this as shadowy illumination: Creatures have concealment (20% miss chance) and can make Hide checks.

If Danovich leapt down into the understory during the previous encounter and survived the drop, place him in the square immediately beneath the one he fell through, and refer to his statistics block in tactical encounter E7.

If any PCs followed Danovich through the hole, place them in appropriate squares adjacent to the priest. Characters who have arrived here by using the hatch and the stairway leading down from the ground floor of the church can position themselves within 10 feet of the base of the stairway.

The understory holds Doru the blaspheme (B), two infected zombies (Z), and an infected skeleton (S). Place these monsters as indicated on the tactical map and roll initiative for the new combatants.

Splitting the Party

If some of the PCs follow Danovich through the hole and others decide to stay on the ground floor of the church, it might be necessary to keep track of activity in both encounter areas at the same time. However, if the party splits up in this fashion, it’s likely that each smaller group of PCs finds itself overmatched against the monsters that remain in the same area. In such a case, it’s tactically smart for the PCs to rejoin forces as quickly as possible. If they all descend to the understory and dispose of Doru the blaspheme, it’s likely that the infected undead on the ground floor of the church collapse and become harmless.

The Monsters

Blaspheme: This creature appears like a corpse surgically modified by a lunatic. Skeletally thin, its arms are too long, while its head is wide and wedge-shaped, with a mouth split so that it is able to open wider than a normal humanoid. Its teeth glitter like shards of black, steaming ice.

Infected Zombies: Identical to all other infected zombies.

Infected Skeleton: This human skeleton is animated with the same infection that infuses the zombies, granting it vigor not seen in a regular skeleton.

Doru’s Tactics

Although it is not mindless, Doru the blaspheme has one overwhelming goal: Infect and kill all enemies. However, the monster dimly recognizes Danovich and does not attack the priest if he is present.

Zombie Tactics

On its turn, each zombie moves from its starting position toward the closest enemy. If Ashlyn is with the PCs, the zombies attack her first if possible.

Skeleton Tactics

On its turn, the skeleton moves from its starting position toward the closest enemy and continues attacking until that enemy is dead.

After the Battle

If Doru is destroyed, the necromantic plague immediately ceases. All infected undead in the village instantly drop, now just ordinary corpses.

Church Understory

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