Danovich, the Fallen Priest

A wild-haired man of the cloth who appears to have completely lost his mind.


See Althanis, High Priest of Dagon’s Cult in dungeon 156


Danovich was the Village priest. He devoted years to fighting the influence of Srrahd over Barovia. He spent most nights meditating and chanting prayers to ward away evil. One night, though, his prayers proved inadequate: His son, Doru, was killed by brigands on Old Svalich Road.

This tragedy, on top of the stress of decades of vigilance without respite, finall y broke Danovich. Seduced by the very evil he had fought so long, the priest read a fragment from the Libre Blasppheme, a terrible manuscript he discovered years ago in the catacombs below Castle Ravenloft. Using the vile techniques it described, he attempted to revive his son. The result was a blaspheme, an undead horror whose perverted existence propagates the necromantic infection.

Danovich keeps Doru sequestered in the church’s under. story, but as long as the blaspheme exists, the zombie infestation persists. Several undead now share the ground floor of the church with the shattered priest.

Danovich, the Fallen Priest

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